Nova Conferences:
Collective Intelligence Catalyst

 <strong>Nova Conferences:</strong><br/> Collective Intelligence Catalyst
 <strong>Nova Conferences:</strong><br/> Collective Intelligence Catalyst

Why fumble blindly toward your goals when other people’s knowledge can light your way? We can help you channel other people’s successes into your own. The range of topics our speakers can cover is (almost) as vast and varied as the endless subtleties that make us who we are as humans.

OverallWhat Are Nova Conferences?

Nova Conferences are an opportunity to learn from impassioned experts, join discussions designed to help you grow and get concrete tools you can immediately start putting into practice every day.

Our favourite topics:

  • Human resources
  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Boosting sales
  • Work environment
  • Teamwork
  • Personal development

Have another issue you’d like us to discuss? Let us know. With our extensive network, the sky’s the limit.

How Does It Work?

  • Step 1.Build

    Your needs are unique. Our experts work with you to create a talk that’s tailored to your situation and aligned with your specific goals and challenges.

  • Step 2.Choose

    We search our expert network to see who is available and pick the person with the right expertise to help you.

  • Step 3.Learn

    All you need to do is assemble your team—we’ll take care of the rest. Our talks can be presented at your location or somewhere else, depending on your preference.

  • Step 4.Practise

    Our talks are designed to leave a tangible, lasting legacy for your employees and your business.