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Nova Certification:

Catalyst for Transformation

Is coaching others and helping them hone their skills and reach their goals a big part of the work you do every day? Nova Certification is a recognized credential you’ll want to add to your arsenal. Ask our certified pros: with Nova Certification, the difference between “before” and “after” is huge. You’ll gain new insight into yourself and others that will leave an indelible mark on your clients and help you become your best self along the way!


Nova Certification:
What Is It?

Nova Certification is a 3-day group training designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the Nova concept and the Nova Profiles that can serve as valuable resources for HR specialists and contribute to coaching, consulting and training processes. Nova Certification is much more than just training. Above all, it’s an investment—in yourself and in others—that quickly pays off.

It provides today’s leaders powerful models and tools that add critical value to the process of boosting the performance of an individual, a team and a company.

The Nova Experience

The only way to get others excited about an experience is to first experience it yourself. That’s how we see it. Our instruction method is more experiential than theoretical to make the training a lot more dynamic and meaningful.

In the Nova Certification process, your journey begins the same way that your future clients’ will—with the Nova Profile questionnaire. Your results will serve as a starting point for the training. This will lead to a period of reflection, self-analysis, looking inward and drawing conclusions.

Beyond theory and science, Nova Certification is an experiment in personal development and self-coaching, where you are the test subject. The group setting fosters interaction and gives you a chance to explore your profile in depth with your peers. The collaborative approach adds depth to the experience.

In the Nova Certification Program, You’ll:

  • Learn about the science behind the Nova Profile
  • Explore the six motivations underlying human behaviour according to Spranger: cognitive, aesthetic, utilitarian, altruistic, individualistic, ideological
  • Broaden your knowledge of behavioural preferences
  • Learn how to interpret behaviour charts
  • Develop new strategies for success for yourself, your clients and your business
  • Delve deeper by exploring with Marston’s DISC model of personality traits (Dominance | Inducement | Submission | Compliance), the different Nova Profiles and the language and dynamics of colour (red, yellow, green, blue)
  • Get familiar with the different Nova Profiles and their applications

What’s Included:

  • 3 days of training
  • Certification manual
  • Written and oral evaluation
  • Certification diploma
  • Exclusive access to our online portal, which you can use with your clients to draw up their Nova Profile
  • Guidance and support
  • 2 Nova Profiles, for practice
  • 22.25 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Units

How does it work?


Choose a training date from the calendar.


Combine theory and hands-on learning in this adventure of self-discovery.


Come out with a clearer vision of your true nature, new avenues to explore and a powerful work tool you can use every day.


Take part in refresher sessions to maintain your Nova Certification.

Who is
Nova Certification For?

Everyone can benefit from a better understanding of themselves and the Nova tool. See what we can do for you.