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Nova Profile:

Catalyst for Your Full Potential

Self-awareness is the ultimate tool to help you achieve your goals and projects. The Nova Profile is a science-based psychological measurement (psychometric) method. Unlike other similar tools, it is not limited to just one facet of an individual, but rather looks at human nature overall. It can be used to draw up two types of profiles: individual or team.


The Nova Profile: What is it?

The Nova Profile is a tool that reveals a person’s “natural style” (their true nature) as well as their “adapted style” (how they present themselves in a social context). Both styles offer a better understanding of how a person perceives and interacts with their environment.

The profile also sheds light on the differences between a person’s natural and adapted style (i.e., what aspects of their personality they change most). Ultimately, the tool reveals a person’s behavioural preferences, skills and psychological type as well as what motivates them. The accuracy of its analyses makes the Nova Profile a solid personal and professional development tool.

The Science Behind the Tool

The Nova Profile is an innovative tool developed by our experts based on William Marston’s DISC theory, Carl Jung’s work on behavioural preferences and psychologist Eduard Spranger’s research on value systems (motivations).

How Does It Work?


The participant answers a short, multiple-choice questionnaire that takes about 20 minutes.


A Nova-certified coach then schedules a 1- to 2-hour meeting with the participant (who is asked to play an active role) to review, discuss and dig deeper into the results. They reveal the participant’s personality traits, motivators, talents, leadership style, preferences and areas for development.


The participant leaves with their full psychometric report in hand. The findings are integrated and transformation begins…

Who Is the Nova Profile For?

Anyone can benefit from learning their Nova Profile. See what we can do for you.