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Our Consulting Services:

Results Catalyst

From telework issues to growth strategies, labour shortage, business succession, ineffective leadership, poor awareness of self and others, burnout, depression, low engagement or whatever your challenge, sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see things clearly. Backed by our extensive and wide-ranging network of experts, we help businesses and organizations tackle any obstacles in their path so they can achieve their goals without running aground.


What Do Our Consulting Services Entail?

Nova Global brings together an extensive network of partners with a wide range of expertise. Our goal: To assist businesses and organizations in making strategic decisions and action plans based on their specific business reality. How: by pairing them with the right experts with the right skills and specializations and getting them thinking and sharing opinions and recommendations.

How Does It Work?


A phone, videoconference or in-person meeting (your choice) will be scheduled with a member of our team so you can discuss the issues your organization is facing.


We search our network for resources with the specific experience and expertise needed to best assist you.


A mentor/mentee relationship is established. In your discussions (which are strictly confidential), your expert partner will get you thinking as they guide you, advise you and give you the tools you need to succeed.


One step at a time, as a mentee, you will act on what you’ve learned and start seeing results. A short-, medium- or long-term relationship is forged based on your changing needs.

Who Are Consulting Services For?

Everyone benefits from expert advice. See what we can do for you.