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Potential-Development Services for Businesses and Individuals

Today more than ever, our work and personal lives are intimately linked. That’s why it’s important to build authentic human relationships, using the best tools possible. Your reality is unique. Our solutions are custom-made. Curious about who our services are for and what we can do for you? Find out now.


Just like the cultural landscape,the business world is in a time of profound transformation. How do you adapt to these evolving challenges to achieveyour business goals? Browse through the business development services we offer to find out.

HR Specialists

We provide you with the best assessment tools so you can significantly reduce employee turnover, promote retention and tap into the talent of each person on staff to ensure your employees are motivated and fully engaged. See our lineup of potential-development services designed for human resources (HR).

Coaches and Consultants

Our tools and wide-ranging expertise are powerful levers to help you support your clients. Upgrade your toolkit by joining our extensive community of Nova-certified coaches and consultants. Explore our range of potential-development services for coaches and consultants.

Business Schools

Add valuable knowledge to your program and stand out from the competition with our innovative and highly effective tools, turnkey solutions and experts in a wide range of sectors. Learn about our potential-development services for business schools.

General Public

“Who am I?” It’s a fundamental question that sometimes goes unanswered and can colour how we see the world. What if we told you that uncovering your true nature and celebrating your abilities makes you stronger? Find out about our potential-development services for individuals.