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Nova Global


A star that suddenly sets the sky ablaze.

What if, at the age of 52, Guy Bélanger hadn’t decided to hang up his hat as a businessman and become a professional coach?

What if, as a young university student, Jasmine Bélanger hadn’t asked her father to don his coach’s hat to help her tap into her true nature?

It is thanks to these pivotal life moments—like shining stars that light the way and change the course of events—that Nova Global is here today.

Nova Global

Who Are We?

Guy and Jasmine Bélanger live in Switzerland. Guy, an entrepreneur with a passion for business, has always felt a deep desire to help others. He decides to switch careers and become a coach, developing psychometric tools allowing him to channel his natural compassion to be of service.

At his daughter Jasmine’s request, he draws up her personality profile, and the results are a revelation. She decides she wants to share this life-changing experience with as many people as possible. She has found her calling. The father-daughter duo returns to Canada, driven by their shared ambition.

Key Dates In Nova Global’s History

Swissnova is founded in Quebec to distribute psychometric tools in Canada. The company teams up with a coaching and management school, marking the beginning of a key partnership.


Jasmine takes over as head of the family business.


Swissnova launches its own psychometric tool: the Nova Profile. The need is real. The solution is highly effective. New markets open up, and a period of impressive growth begins for the company.


Swissnova changes its name to Nova Global and adopts a new brand image more aligned with its true nature. The ever-evolving Nova Profile remains as the company’s trademark.



The Swissnova brand is launched.


How do you take a successful company and make it even better? By doing things your way! The company analyzes all psychometric tools on the market and lists the strengths and weaknesses of each.

May 26, 2015

Practising what it preaches to clients, Swissnova embarks on a path of self-reflection, analyzing its business model, values and core mission. A process of transformation begins.


Nova Global’s Core Values


By forging authentic human relationships and sharing our proven tools and expertise, we strive to help as many as possible unleash their full potential and leave a positive, tangible mark on people’s lives.


Everything we do is inspired first and foremost by a desire to serve as authentic leaders who help individuals, teams and organizations tap into the best of their true nature.


We are grateful we can continue to have a positive impact and help our clients around the world to excel.


We reach beyond the status quo. We always strive to excel, evolve and explore uncharted territory. Our innovative tools reflect this.


Embodying your leadership with authenticity involves fully assuming your uniqueness with completeness and courage. It is also about committing to taking action in order to contribute, through your influence and commitment, to the desired change. Authenticity also means naming your truth despite the fear of judgment.

The Nova Global Team

The members of our team all share common values and a strong sense of belonging. We take pride in forging compassionate human relationships. Together, our individual strengths combine to create powerful catalysts of transformation for our clients.

Our Community of Certified Professionals

From coaching to human resources, team management, psychology, education, and more, the Nova Global team is an extensive community of engaged experts, stakeholders and coaches from different industries. They all share a deep desire to make an impact on those around them and help individuals, teams and organizations develop their full potential.

Our International Partners

Our team would not be complete without our distributors who work to promote Nova Global and the Nova Profile around the world.


Middle East


Tunisia and Morocco