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Nova Global does things differently. t’s what sets us apart and makes us such a powerful catalyst for change. Find out why our clients choose and stick with us.

We Put the “Human” in Human Relationships

People have a lot to offer themselves and each other. That’s why we put people first in our approach, our services and our relationships. Our community is full of smart, compassionate and caring people. For us, you are so much more than a client. You are a member of the team. Truly. We’re all working toward the same goal and are guided by the same values. At Nova Global, being and doing are one and the same. We practise what we preach.

The Nova Profile, a Powerful Psychometric Tool

Our experts developed the Nova Profile to break from other psychometric tools by examining the deep motivations that make us who we are and by looking at people as a whole, rather than focusing solely on certain specific personality traits. This science-based tool is quick to use, easy to understand and highly effective. With its striking visuals, the Nova Profile digs deep in its analysis, measuring a broad spectrum of colours to paint a complete picture of the person.

Complementary Expertise in Various Sectors

Nova Global boasts a network of skilled, motivated and caring professionals. They’re the reason we can help so many people around the world achieve their potential. Our extensive community allows us to help on a large scale and have a positive impact on the lives of people from all walks of life. We are proud community builders and team spirit cheerleaders.

Custom Services Tailored to Your Needs

From talks and training to consulting and more, Nova Global takes business services to the next level. Because no two organizations are the same, we tailor each solution to your specific needs and situation.

Always There for You

Our team is available, attentive and happy to help. No wonder our clients are so loyal. We’re known for our outstanding customer experience. See for yourself!

Over 15 Years of Expertise

Our know-how comes from nearly two decades of experience—two decades watching our tools evolve, our community of experts grow and our business vision sharpen. We stayed true to our core throughout our transformation, and we can help you do the same in yours.

An Innovative Turnkey Approach

With our holistic, human approach and innovative tool (the Nova Profile), we have what it takes to meet all your needs and really raise the bar Expect the best. You’re in good hands.

A Canadian Family Business With International Reach

Nova Global is the brainchild of visionary Guy Bélanger and his daughter Jasmine, an innovative leader who now carries on the legacy at the helm of the company. Formerly known as Swissnova, the company changed its name and image in 2022 to better reflect how we have evolved and who we are today. The business has been a local and international success since 2006.

It is also a warm and friendly place to work where everyone is welcome and where inclusiveness fosters a strong bond between the company founders and their team.

What drives us:

“ Be the change you wish to see in the world. ”

– Mahatma Gandhi