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from Our Community

They’ve tried the Nova Global experience—and benefit from it every day.


“Here at Entrepreneuriat Québec, our work with Nova Global is extremely valuable since both our organizations share the same goal of developing and maximizing people’s personal and professional skills for success. In my opinion, the key to success in business is getting to know and understand yourself better while also recognizing and understanding others. Swissnova’s strategic services really bring this notion to the fore. I feel extremely privileged to work with the Swissnova team and its tools.”

– Michaël Giguère, Executive Director of Entrepreneuriat Québec

Nova Certified

“The Nova Profile gives me a powerful way to tap into people’s inner wisdom. When working with teams, the Nova Profile builds trust, increases efficiency and helps people work better together. The Nova Profile is a total game changer.”

– Dina Bell-Laroche, Ambassador and Professional Coach

“The beauty, power and richness of our relationships lie in the power of sincere intentions borne out by actions, words and behaviours that are mindful of ourselves and of others. Nova is all about the magic of being true to who you are! It brings peace to your heart, body, and mind. Peace in your words and your thoughts. Novasté.”

– Karine Lessard, Professional Coach

“Our beauty lies in our uniqueness and how we assert it, our ability to value the uniqueness of others and having the wisdom to leverage our synergies. The Nova Tool gives you greater self-awareness and a way to move forward with confidence and conviction. It shines a powerful light to help us see clearly and embrace who we truly are, from our strengths and blind spots to our innermost needs and motivations. I’ve been fortunate to see the transformative power this training can have on dozens of teams. Truly understanding others makes communication more fluid and boosts confidence.”

– Marco Roy, Ambassador and Professional Coach

“For the past 6 years, I have chosen the Nova Profile as a coaching tool for my clients. The motivational section is, in my opinion, one of the greatest competitive advantages, as is the simplicity of interpretation/reading, both for the coach and the client. This tool not only allows people to gain awareness and recognize certain winning and limiting patterns, but also focuses on the well-being and fulfillment of the individual based on their “natural” versus trying to change them into someone they are not.”

– Claudia Lamothe, Consultant and Trainer